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The Direct Gardening Association (DGA) is an organization comprised of companies who sell gardening products via print catalog and websites, as well as garden magazines and professional supporting companies. The ultimate goal of the DGA is to provide the gardening public with the finest gardening products, gardening information and customer service through the catalogs, websites and magazines of DGA member companies.

DGA Media Kit

Joining DGA provides you with the opportunity to interact with companies that are just like yours! Why not increase your exposure with advertising on the DGA Website and in newsletters, or committing to a sponsorship? More information on these and other means of reaching your target audience can be found in the Media Kit.

DGA Green Thumb Award

Each year the Direct Gardening Association presents the Green Thumb Awards to the best new plants and gardening products available from its member catalogs and websites. Click here to see more information on how to participate in the awards as well as news and releases about the most recent winners.

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