DGA's Coach's League

Have a problem?  The following DGA members have volunteered to be available for any DGA colleague who has a question or needs some direction with a particular issue.  Our membership is fortunate to have these experts willing to support their fellow members.  Many thanks to those members who are volunteering their expertise to "mentor" fellow members in need of assistance in the following areas:
  • Direct Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business: Growing your customer base as well as generating revenue to your bottom line, utilizing all types of print media, list rental, third party inserts, web design, email promotion and more - MIKE ZUCKERMANDEL, Zed Marketing (405) 348-8145, [email protected]
  • Catalog, logo and advertising design, ad placement, PR and print services - ROBERTA SIMPSON-DOLBEARE, Brookside Marketing, (217) 734-9365, [email protected]
  • Starting from scratch with a small company and a good product - BRUCE FRASIER, Dixondale Farms (830) 876-2430, [email protected]
  • General business resource for gardening cataloger - DICK ZONDAG, J.W. Jung Seed Co., (920) 326-3121, [email protected]
  • Printing/Pre-Press, list services & analytics, interactive print services, co-mail, distribution - ROB DOOME, Quad/Graphics, Inc., (414) 566-3507, [email protected]
  • Postal/Shipping issues - KEN LANE, Hathaway and Lane Direct, (860) 567-5275, [email protected]
  • Marketing strategies (both online and offline) to attract and retain more customers - VAL GOSSET, Evergreen Marketing, (203) 226-7338, [email protected]
  • Thinking of entering the organic markplace?  Details to learn - JIM GERRITSEN, Wood Prairie Farm, (800) 631-8027, [email protected]